Improve reliability and security, monitor devices remotely, improved customer insight,reduce installation costs.

Oil & Gas distribution

Remote field data from pressure sensor or gas meter and SCADA systems needs to be captured frequently, for optimizing production and operation purpose. And more and more companies connect their Oil & Gas distribution online by cellular network.

Commercial & Industrial metering

Connect your Commercial or Industrial meter to Cellular modem by RS232/485 or ethernet port, Hongdian device offers a simple way to connect multiple meters online for remote monitoring and data collection purposes.

Smart Grid

Increased requirement of Electrical Energy accelerate smart Grid build, as the Grid became smarter, M2M communication acted a more important role in monitoring of the grid. Smart Gird is powerful and also vulnerable, there are countless electrical parameters like voltage, power, current. Smart Grid needs continuously measured those parameters and sent them to a control center where the monitoring of the data is made,and without human intervention. And this monitoring system involves varies of M2M device.

Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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